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Judas sat at that supper table knowing that he had betrayed Jesus and that His arrest was inevitable.

When Jesus first arrived in Jerusalem, he was hailed as a king. As the events of Holy Week unfold, Orthodox Christians commemorate the events that led up to his arrest, execution, and then his resurrection.

Through this meal, Jesus established Holy Eucharist, thus transforming the custom from a Jewish one to a Christian one.

As you may recall, this meal happened shortly before Jesus was arrested.

Did you notice that Greek Orthodox Easter doesn’t usually fall on the same day as everyone else’s? The Orthodox Christian Church calculates a bit differently than other Christian denominations. There are a few really good reasons why it may fall on a different date. Every now and them, both Easters do fall on the same date. Sometimes, the two methods of calculating Easter lead to the same date.

Here’s how the Greek Church approaches setting the date.

The Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar, not the Gregorian calendar, to calculate when Easter is.

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