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var topjobs_count = "5"; var topjobs_option = ""; var topjobs_tablewidth = "160"; var topjobs_tableborder = "0"; var topjobs_tablecellspacing = "0"; var topjobs_tablecellpadding = "0"; var topjobs_tablebgcolor = "#FFFFFF"; // Header // Site Catalyst variable var Prop10 = "Top_Job"; // Set defaults if (!topjobs_tablewidth) { var table Width = 150; } else { var table Width = topjobs_tablewidth; } if (! - LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis played a round of golf with ex-boyfriend Ben Roethlisberger and called the troubled Steelers quarterback "a great guy." Gulbis played golf Tuesday with Roethlisberger at Laurel Valley Golf Club in Ligonier, a former site of the Ryder Cup and PGA Championship. Gulbis and Roethlisberger were linked romantically several years ago, but the relationship did not last.On Wednesday, she visited Oakmont Country Club, where the U. Roethlisberger was suspended by the NFL for six games after being accused of sexually assaulting a Georgia college student in March.

Watching Natalie Gulbis stretch is one of the great joys in life, a notion that you will no doubt agree to immediately thanks to the picture on the left side of your screen.

Now that she's off the market, we just can't help but fear that stretches such as these might become a little more infrequent. Throughout seemingly her whole career, you didn't have to watch an LPGA event in order to see Natalie Gulbis. She did her own sexy calender (more on that in a moment), she had a reality TV show, she was in video games and she was even on I'm just going to assume that the reason Natalie Gulbis enjoyed the most success in her career in 20 was because she was no longer with Ben Roethlisberger. And in 2006-2007, Natalie had one win, two second-place finishes, and two third-place finishes. Somebody has to worry about the effect this relationship might have on her career.

He was not charged in the case, but was punished under the NFL's personal conduct policy.

Gulbis says she'll continue to cheer for Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

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