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This is a very pleasant time of year with a few scattered showers to cool things off slightly and temperatures just slightly cooler (see chart below).

The first rainy season starts as early as mid to late June but more typically mid to late July and goes until early September followed by a short dry spell during later September and early October.

The peak raining season is short and extends from mid January through to the end of February.

Strong winds can accompany the rain during this season along with slightly cooler weather, making a very light wind breaker a possible clothing option for travellers who are on the island during this time.

It may surprise you but Roatan has a hot season and some rainy seasons.

Although it is humid year around, rain fall can be scarce during the hot season, resulting in many beautiful, sunny days.

Tropical climates occur in the zones between the latitudes of 5/10° and 35° and in these regions the temperatures remain high during the entire year and show a wide variation in annual precipitation between the wet and dry seasons.

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On Roatan the dry season starts in April and goes through mid to late July.