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I was in elementary school (pretty sure) and I think it was a field trip, although whether it was a school field trip or one for Girls Scouts, I really don’t know. So every time the bus drove through Janesville, I’d crane my neck to look and confirm: Yes, yes, the baby is still there. That being said, I’m glad this piece of my childhood is still intact, that it’s inspiring stories and wonder and–with a little luck–creeping out a new generation of elementary school children.

real talk I don’t have an idea, but I will regale you with some words that will maybe help. I can’t NOT be a dork waffle, so I spent a long time learning to accept my dork waffliness.

Bc Leslie Knope loves waffles and in Dorktown they would be Dork Waffles so if I am her it’s like a metaphor for loving dork waffles. If you want tips to keep your cool a little more FINE, plan a couple of things to ask about, make eye contact, keep breathing, say goodbye one time instead of four times, blahblahblah.

Nora is fascinated by Nigel's unique Britishness, while Nigel worries that Nora's cleanliness may not be up to par with his own.

Will these two crazy kooks get past their differences and fall madly in love with one another?

Find out in ICU Dating Series' seventh episode, Insanely British.

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Second of all, accepting your dork waffliness is difficult. But if you arrrrre into it, good lord everything just got so awesome.