Dating site where friends recommend you

Posted by / 22-Nov-2014 10:07

Dating site where friends recommend you

There’s a new app that’s bringing matchmaking into the 21st century.

As exciting as trying to establish a relationship with a complete stranger may be for some of the braver denizens of the online dating world, for many others, endless swiping and messaging on apps like Tinder, OKCupid, or even Hinge can be as frightening as it is exhausting.

After all, with most of these apps, algorithms and geotags, rather than human beings decide who you’ll meet. As the company’s website explains, “Couples have fun playing matchmaker and helping their single friends meet that special someone.

Said the founder, “Guys know that the chances of finding a match are small … This devalues what a match means, as it’s not clear if the couple truly like each other. So the odds of going on an actual date with a person you like are tiny.” Calling standard online dating “colossally ineffective,” Agarwal points out that fewer than 25 percent of online daters wind up in a relationship.

“You wouldn’t tolerate such results from any other product,” he says, “So why tolerate it from your dating app?

Spritzr is like going to a friend’s party — it’s a far more comfortable and effective way to meet like-minded people.” Related: Find your bacon soulmate with Sizzl, the Oscar Mayer dating app Rather than relying on algorithms, Agarwal said, “Every match you receive [on Spritzr] is suggested by a human being — either a mutual friend or a matchmaker within the Spritzr community.

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That increases the quality of the matches you receive.” After all, “Algorithms can’t pick up a whole host of information that a human eye can.” Agarwal also identifies a key problem in the “behavioral flippancy” that often manifests itself in dating apps like Tinder or other swipe-based services.

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