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"Not only that," he added with a grin, "They don't cost me anything!"Back in the 1940s, Jack A had realized that the cowboy shirt could be something more than a simple product.The idea behind the cowboy shirt, he said, was to reflect the flamboyance of the rodeo riders, their reckless bravado.

Realizing just how lost we were, Jack A took command of the situation. While we were waiting for a waiter to appear, I asked Jack A about the natty sand-colored cowboy shirt he was wearing.

"Jack A, along with his son, Jack B, who was then in his seventies, ran Rockmount Ranch Wear, a manufacturer of classic western shirts, Stetsons and bolo ties.

(Rockmont shirts have been worn by Clark Gable in and by countless other cowboys, both real and imagined in between.) The three of us were trying to find a place to eat.

It had opalescent snap buttons and a spread collar and it fit him perfectly. " he said with a self-deprecating smile, "I only wear the shirts I like — which also happen to be the ones we make.

They exemplify a type of life, a way of living in the west." He studied me critically.

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"In those days, when cowboys rode into town they wore simple chamois shirts and denim Levis.