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Everybody who has used an online dating site (and that is nearly half the adult single population, at least in the USA) knows that this is a very different experience to Facebook.

Instead of a free form text-entry input page, where you can enter things like your taste in music or favourite band, an online dating site requires you to choose your criteria from pull down menus.

A dedicated tool such as a people finder or yellow pages allows just this possibility.

The idea is that you should be able to type in a query such as "who knows about marketing pet food in Southeast Asia," and receive a list of people who you can talk to for advice.

However there is a whole class of Software Systems which are 100% designed for finding people against a set of criteria; and these are the online dating sites.

They are promotional sites ; they are not sites aimed at findability, or locating people based on a set of criteria.

I tried recently to find a Knowledge Manager based in Sweden via Linked In, and was surprised at the poor search results.

Many companies that I have spoken to realise the value of a people finder, but seem instinctively to go to analogs of Facebook in order to create the sort of functionality.

They look for software such as Share Point My Site where people can create a personal page, which is then available and searchable by others.

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Age, height, build, hair colour, eye colour, location, smoker or non smoker, preference for music types, preference for leisure activities, preferred restaurant type; all of these are chosen from a pre-set list of categories.

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