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His German was very bad and Anton’s English worse, but they worked it out anyhow, repeating it back and forth to each other until they were satisfied with the results.

Fiction: Matt Williamson (“On Murder Island”), Tamsyn Muir (“Chew”), Lucius Shepard (“The Ease with Which We Freed the Beast”), Lisa Tuttle (“Need”).

Nonfiction: Editorial by John Joseph Adams, The H Word: Choosing Gruesome Subjects by John Langan, Artist Showcase: Chelsea Knight, Interview: Ellen Datlow.

After ballet, Corey liked to walk home through the cemetery.

The grounds were large and well tended and offered the visitor a wealth of picturesque monuments and sentimental gravestone inscriptions, some of them dating back before the Civil War.

There were columns, slabs, and spheres in abundance of the pinkish marble that was quarried locally, and among the mausoleums built to look like temples, chapels and houses was one defiant pink pyramid.

I often draw on experiences from my own life for inspiration, but as a writer of fiction I am not bound to stick to things that really happened.

The north wind’s been spraying Mainland Runoff in our faces for days, but that’s nothing new, nothing worth complaining about.

It depends on how far you want to go down the path of darkness.Anton’s American soldier had whipped out the torn front page of the newspaper for him to translate the headline.Dreams, daydreams, music, art, books, other people’s lives—these things and more give me ideas for what to write. It makes me feel really uneasy and it gives me kind of a creepy feeling.It can border on wanting to look away, it can border on disgust—but that’s a type of horror. There’s science fiction horror, there’s dark fantasy that’s really really dark, there can be mysteries that converge on horror.2013 Original Fiction The story reads, at times, like something for children, but it’s unwholesome even apart from its violence—and that confusion of tone and subject matter seems video-gamey to me.

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