Dating in 50s as a christian Hermafrodites sex

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Dating in 50s as a christian

Because they sure aren’t swarming around our churches.

The Bible enshrines love, marriage, and family as good gifts from God, and they form the basic building blocks of a healthy society.

So why are they as difficult to come by as they seem to be?The longer we’re single – especially for women – the more it feels like a competition just to find a suitable suitor.And even then, single guys don’t seem to know what courtship is anymore.If women wait too long, or fear they’re not marketing themselves effectively, or feel they’re doing all the work in a courtship situation, they secretly fret about looking more and more like Hildegard Hamhocker, of comic strip infamy.Genesis is a place for single adults in their 40's & 50's.

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It is especially beneficial for those who find themselves at an unexpected turning point in their life.

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