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Not sure what's causing this to happen, and why there's no "I'm a Male seeking a Female" option when doing his profile. Also, try deleting your dating profile and making a new one. The other 49% is moving threads."I have read this on the official forums, where someone's Sim started getting messages from the same sex after one of the Crumplebottom sisters kissed her female Sim in Moonlight Falls. Dreamweaver Immortal Dynasty Dreamweaver 4 x 4 Dynasty Pam's Sims 4 World Blog"Half of my posts are correcting people.

(See for example, the difference between the series, which is very close to a Visual Novel style of gameplay, and the DOA Xtreme series, which is the closest thing to a true Dating Sim with mass-market appeal in the US.) If the game plays out like a Choose Your Own Adventure, that's a Visual Novel.The Dating Sim is a type of game designed to set up goals, usually in the forms of schedules and stats corresponding to social skills, which must be achieved to discover a story focused entirely around the Character Development of the player's chosen girl/guy, get into his/her pants, or both.This leads to Multiple Endings, though some Dating Sims make it possible to see several of these "endings" in a single playthrough.If it feels like you're playing an RPG, trying to keep track of everyone's feelings about you and giving out presents, that's a Dating Sim.In recent years, there have been many Role Playing Games that incorporate dating sim elements.

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Because there was a female sim who went to talk to one of them, and she got kissed (thus making them romantic interests) the game assumed that was what the player might want and started having her get requests from other female sims.