Dating foreskin forums

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Dating foreskin forums

Once a foreskin is gone, it's gone forever; there is no way to bring it back. There is no considerable benefit for a healthy boy to be circumcised.All 'foreskin restoration' does is simply extend the remaining skin. It fulfills your natural fitrah, shows your obedience to Islam. Don't come with your hygiene problems, you are suppose to wash yourself every time you go to toilet.It simply takes the remaining skin (that is left after circumcision) and expands it.The expanded skin is not a new 'foreskin', it is simply the remaining skin (that was left after circumcision) but extended.Hey guys, I just wanted to know if 'foreskin restoration' is allowed in Islam.For those of you who don't know what this is, I will explain: 'Foreskin restoration' is the process of stretching (using hands) the remaining shaft skin on the penis in order to trigger mitosis which will expand the remaining skin and allow it to grow (expand).

I think it should be allowed, because I am circumcised and I will be circumcised even if I go through 'foreskin restoration'. I don't think it's allowed for the reason why we get rid of the foreskin is so that we would stay clean and foreskin would not get in the way of sex [once we get older]?

Having or not a foreskin doesn't change anything, unless you are very short on water...

What I mean by that is once a man is circumcised, he is circumcised.

There is nothing he can do to change that; even if he goes through 'foreskin restoration' he will still be considered circumcised. Because 'foreskin restoration' does not actually restore the foreskin (create a new foreskin).

As explained above, I cannot change my status, so even if I go through this practice I will still be circumcised, thus I don't see any wrongdoing in this (as this does not change my circumcised status). , and restoring the foreskin defeats the purpose of getting rid of it in the first place!

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In that sense I understand it's not allowed, but what you bring back is not a 'foreskin'.

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