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A major portion of central India was a part of the Gupta Empire (300-550 AD).

In the first half of the seventh century, the state was a part of the domains of the famous emperor Harsha.

The closing part of tenth century was a period of confusion.

In the early eleventh century, the Muslims entered central India, Mahmud of Ghazni was first, while Muhammad Ghori who incorporated certain parts with Sultanate of Delhi was second.

Landlocked in the central part of the country, Madhya Pradesh is bordered by the states of Rajasthan to its northwest, Uttar Pradesh to its north, Chhattisgarh to its east, Maharashtra to its south, and Gujarat to its west.

Madhya Pradesh had the honour of being the largest state of the country until Chhattisgarh was carved out of it on 1 November 2000.

The disintegrated smaller states paved way for British sovereignty.

During the monsoon season average temperature lies between average 19° to 30° C (66° to 86°).

Madhya Pradesh receives an average annual rainfall of about 1200 mm (nearly 50 inches), of which 90 percent falls during the monsoon season. The history of Madhya Pradesh goes back to the time of Ashoka, the great Mauryan ruler.

Madhya Pradesh has a mixed topography that consists of both hills and plains.

The state has three predominant seasons: winter (November to February), summer (March to May), and the monsoon season (June to September).

During the winter, average temperatures range from 10° to 27° C (50° to 81° F).

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Summers are hot, with an average temperature of 29° C (85° F) and a high temperature that at times reaches 48° C (118° F).