Dating during college

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And until the stress of fighting with your significant other about how much time he/she spends at the office, putting your career first, or about how your boss is a toxic lunatic -- all of which contribute to a significant slump in your your sex drive -- you’re not really dating. Your entire life is one big "no parents are home" party. " and the always unsettling "Have you discussed if he/she wants children? A typical "date" in college is done in packs, and tends to center around the following itinerary: pregaming at someone's house, going to a party, hitting the bars, late-nighting at someone's house, and hooking up.

No matter how many Adderall-induced all-nighters you spend cramming for finals in the library, it's still not a job. Puppy love is The truth is, while you may feel invincible, entitled, and even believe you're an actual adult during college, you still have a lot to learn about yourself -- and that includes knowing what it means to really love and be loved by someone else.

Liz Newman is a freelance writer for Thrillist, and wants to assure her incredibly cool college boyfriends that this story was based on none of their relationships.

And didn't he/she hook up with that guy at the band party last week anyway? Real talk: I think the only formal dates I went on with boyfriends were my actual sorority formals, in which case the only thing that really changed was the dress code.

As a result, everything that happened during that time is heightened by this false sense of reality. A college campus full of people in the exact same demographic as you with no curfew in sight equates for most of us to having our first serious relationship around this time. And although having your lives taped is optional, there's undoubtedly footage somewhere of something insane happening. Would you ever encourage a friend to go on for bad decisions. Just accept the fact that along with your social security number, another thing you'll have down cold during your stint in higher learning is how to pull of the most discreet walk of shame possible. And although this first-love stuff is certainly incredible, dating in college is also total bullshit. College is a bubble; and that bubble is full of attractive people of the same age, all living figuratively and literally on top of each other. I was kinda-sorta on my own, but still with the crutch of parental support. The seven strangers picked to live in a house have given way to thousands of strangers picked to live in adjoining jail cells (aka college dorm rooms). And this is the time you're supposed to make them, so in a way, casual hookups aren't really judged the same way as they can be in adulthood. And while I know what my family meant when they said what they did, in truth, college was more of a fantasy land than a peak. It has unique properties that only occur, or occur most frequently, in a campus setting.

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