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It was a reminder of some of the depressing data about how race plays out in online dating and the real-life attitudes that likely reflects. Why, in Italy, of all places in the world, do we keep hearing that black women are not only welcomed romantically but also seemingly put on some sort of a pedestal? Admittedly, I started writing this response assuming that I’d end up speaking to someone who had authored a book on this phenomenon or studied interracial relationships across the world, or at least had some well thought-out theory about Italy’s specific culture and history (maybe something to do with Ethiopia? I was expecting something that could explain why what appears to be widespread bigotry didn’t touch black women in this area (or, maybe it did, but just manifested in some type of hypersexualization way).Boy, the vitriol against black women made by black men and their handmaidens is really ramping up. Now books are being published–you know, from the very types of people who say I bash black men, because I point out black men bashing black women.They make up a quickly growing bloc aided and abetted by so-called “good black men” who sit on the sidelines and stay silent. The “betrayer” has a You Tube channel, and her G+ page has the following subscriptions: UPDATE: I got a note from Amazon customer serv.This now has become an utter travesty and embarrassment. Ladies, you better start watching your back in the street. They said to report violations of use by writing to this link. ref_=pe_584750_33951330 Thank-you Shirley2006 for this information. UPDATE #2 This book was self-published via Create Space which is owned by Amazon. Create Space 4900 La Cross Road North Charleston, SC 29406 USA What follows is the link to Create Space’s Content Guidelines https:// Here is the paragraph re.But you can read a sample of what’s inside, if you click here.Here’s some highlights: Yet, to point out this level of unmitigated abuse is to say YOU’RE THE BAD GUY for even bringing it up, because we all know that most black men love and cherish black women and these are just a few childish men not representative of the bloc. I don’t believe that men like this are the minority. And be ready for the video to follow, after I’ve swallowed the throw up in my mouth long enough to read this.We are now becoming what the Jews became to the Nazis–a scapegoat that must be eliminated by any means necessary. offensive material: “Offensive Material What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.It currently has 24 reviews and that have rated it either four or five stars.

”); hateful taunts against black soccer players that are practically as common as goals at games in the country; and, most recently, an Italian gymnast’s racist remarks after she lost to black U. This was most recently brought to our attention by this guy who announced that he would never date a black woman. Here’s a taste: * “There is this stereotype that black women are prostitutes or something like that. Think bananas thrown at Cécile Kyenge, Italy’s first black government minister (prompting the Guardian to ask “Why Is Italy Still So Racist? That you’re asking the question back in the states is also relevant in light of the old racism- and colorism-fueled narrative about black women getting shunned in the dating department.What these abusers want is for us to do is the whole “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” long-suffering silent act, and pity them because they’re only so hurtful to us because because of the evil white man and the white supremacy boogeyman. But I do get it free with my Kindle Unlimited account.I will read it, because in order to defeat your enemy, you must first know him (or her) completely. seem to think I’m exaggerating this when I bring it up, or act offended when I rave about the great time I had there and how much I enjoyed the unusual amount of attention and praise (yeah, I’ll admit it! How do I explain to them that it’s not an attack on U. ” Well, when it comes to Italian men, black women and “What is going on over there? There, at and on plenty of other forums, the Internet provided some very anecdotal and unofficial validations and explanations for what you experienced. ”“I’m a mixed race woman married to an Italian, living in Northern Italy, and I can tell you your skin colour does not matter to them.” * “Italian have a thing for sisters, and that’s a fact.” * “If you are wondering whether or not if Italian men really do love black women, the answer is, of course we do! The country has had more than its fair share of bigotry and hate-fueled incidents over the past few months.

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Also, what is going on over there, and how can we get American men in the same frame of mind? It took about four seconds for me to confirm that, as I did some preliminary poking around in response to your question. I don’t know, it looks a little sketchy) “Black Women Love Italian Men” blog, an initial search revealed a good-size handful of inquiring minds asking the non-experts at Yahoo questions similar to yours. And I thought your question was an interesting one that required a more authoritative take, especially because given recent headlines, the answer to “Why do Italian men love black women so much” very clearly isn’t “Because all black people are warmly embraced by all Italians.” Quite the opposite.

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