Dating a cocaine addict adult sex dating in mayhew mississippi

Posted by / 14-Sep-2015 02:51

Dating a cocaine addict

Back in October I was superliked by this guy named Kevin. He asked me out for a drinks at an upscale bar in one of San Francisco’s nicest neighborhoods.

I really clicked with Kevin because he did not act like the other socially deaf dates I have met on Tinder. Everyone else invited me back to their place after the first date, I feel that is a slut/prude test.

A few days later he invited me to his Halloween party at his condo in San Francisco.

I met all of his friends and they seemed nice, however everyone at the party was inhaling lines of cocaine. Kevin admitted he had been struggling with a drug problem for a long time.

I decided to tell Kevin that I felt uncomfortable with getting seriously involved with a drug addict.

I added that I want to continue having sex with him, when I have time.

I have yet to find a dating advice platform I love more than yours.

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