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Dating a cancer male

If you have found a Cancer man, you can be sure that you have found yourself a Prince Charming and a fairy tale shall soon actualize! He loves all things ‘homely’ The mascot of the Crab is the strongest indicator of the one philosophy that rules a Cancerian’s life – his love of home and domestic pleasures.

So, one needs to be extra cautious of things said and done unto him whilst also feeding his need for emotional security and reassurance.

A Cancer man in love is not an easy person to navigate. Once in love, he thrives on romance A quintessential romantic, he takes time to fall in love, but once there, he leaves no stone unturned to actualize rose-strewn paths, wine and dine experiences, moonlight strolls, and maybe, slaying a few metaphorical dragons too!

Chivalry is his second nature and needless to say, you will see an additive extension of it in your relationship with him. True to his glyph, he has a hard exterior that takes oodles of patience and persistence to crack open.

He shall take the garbage out, fix that wobbly shelf, navigate on road trips, kill bugs for you, and maybe, even cook. His shyness and innate distrust of people make it quite a challenge to break down the walls he builds around himself and his selective filtering does nothing to help either.

Governed by water, the diffident Cancer man is tough on the outside and like a crab, keeps waving his pincers, more out of self-defense, lest he get harmed or hurt.

And to get him to reveal his soft inside, you have to be unafraid of a wound or two! He places high premium on emotions Loving a Cancer man is akin to loving a sensitive soul.

The least precise of the signs, a Cancerian is fluid and can be a tidal force of baffling emotion – stubborn and compliant, furious and docile, nervous and confident, fickle and determined – all at once. The process may be as difficult as trying to keep pace with his crab-like sidling or as scary as trying to protect self from his waving pincers.

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Breaking through his crustacean shell and revelling in the mush-insides will be a long process that shall be filled with as many ups and downs as the gamut of emotions that run through the Cancer man.

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