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Dating 46536

Taking care of high spots can be accomplished with a hammer and a dolly too, but a slapper can work wonders on high spots with just a few quick slaps of the tool. With the major dents, dings, and pinholes tapped out or welded closed, we used a small amount of body filler to fill in any minor low spots that remained.

Make sure you have quality shop lighting for all areas of your project. If you have a problem with oil canning on a panel (where the metal easily pops back and forth), which we had with our roof, you can repair it by carefully heating the area, then quenching the heat with a cool, wet rag. As we stated earlier, our roof panel looked as though Steve Saleen had performed a victory dance on it and therefore required some extensive repairs.

We didn’t deal with PPG corporate and neither will you. Note, you should be wearing a mask and protective eye covering during all sanding and paint applications.

PPG’s jobber network is where people like you and I go for paint and supplies. Stupid me didn’t wear one for the first couple of days, so all I could smell was filler and primer for the next week.

When a custom mix order is filled, the mix formula states (in order) how many parts of each color to add. S., like most any jobber, has a complete line of automotive paint refinishing supplies on its shelves.

will mix and ship custom paints, but please don’t call them with technical questions.

No, I’m not this good—but the crew at Classic Creations did the final sanding work.

The scale will show “100” when the cumulative parts have been added. As hindsight is 20/20, we should have installed our new suspension after our paintwork, but editorial deadlines necessitated that we work on other parts of the project before the paintwork.

The dark spots you see here are the low areas that need to be repaired.

Technical Advisor Keith Anger inputs our color formulas into C. To locate our problem areas, we began sanding the roof with 180-grit sandpaper on a sanding board.

Carefully brush seam sealer between the dashpanel and the cowl top until the gap is closed with the seam sealer to prevent hidden water leaks that may mimic a leaking cowl. Since we had so many new panels installed, most of our bodywork is a matter of taking care of a few shipping dings. There were dents, rust, old bodywork, and “oil canning” problems.

If you have anything on your paint project that you don’t want to get layered in sanding dust, primer, and base color overspray, use the old aluminum foil trick: Tightly wrap the items in aluminum foil and tape the seam shut. Here’s a great tip while you still have the seam sealer out.

Once the plastic body filler has had sufficient time to set, yours truly is handed the sanding board and 80-grit paper to start knocking down the filler.

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Many of these tools can be found at Sears, in catalogs, and through paint jobbers, such as C. While the amount looks excessive in this application shot, approximately 80 percent will be sanded off.