Cursor for updating table in sql oracle

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By example and testing Robyn Page proves that, when handled with care, cursors are not necessarily a "bad thing".This article coined a phrase, 'Quirky Update', that has since established itself as the industry-term.The topic of cursors is the ultimate "hot potato" in the world of SQL Server.Everyone has a view on when they should and mainly should not be used.We now feature a new revised version of the old classic, with help from Phil Factor.The purpose of this series of workshops is to try to encourage you to take a practical approach to SQL skills.

Cursors were created to bridge the ‘impedence mismatch’ between the ‘record- based’ culture of conventional programming and the set-based world of the relational database.They had a useful purpose in allowing existing applications to change from ISAM or KSAM databases, such as DBase II, to SQL Server with the minimum of upheaval.I always find I learn things much quicker by trying things out and experimenting.Please don’t just run the samples, but make changes, alter the data, look for my mistakes, try to see if there are different ways of doing things.DBLIB and ODBC make extensive use of them to ‘spoof’ simple file-based data sources.

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Relational database programmers won’t need them but, if you have an application that understands only the process of iterating through resultsets, like flicking through a card index, then you’ll probably need a cursor.

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