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Correct  dating site

But Russell said because he lives here he started advertising here and plans to expand to other states.Since Friday the website has gone from five members to more than 2,000.I didn't find the website or billboard to be hostile to people of color.

Jeanetta Williams, spokeswoman for NAACP, said she thought the billboard was strange but didn’t feel like the site was a hate group.

Williams released a full statement: "I thought it was strange that they would put this Billboard up in Utah, especially with such a large White population and the high cost of Billboards.

The billboard for Russell's website is located along State Route 201, between 5600 west and 7200 south in West Valley City. “You think a lot of those issues we should be able to move past.

The billboard was posted along the freeway Tuesday, causing a lot of conversation, some say is outdated thinking. We should be able to move past the sensitivity, not get offended every time we hear some word you don't think is politically correct.” While the site seems to have clear intentions, Russell said, anyone can join, regardless of race, as long as they follow the guidelines on the website.

Russell said he got into the finding-a-soulmate business to take a slice of the multi-billion dollar industry. “It wasn't in any way shape or form based on racism or any of those types of things at all.

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We're not racist in the slightest bit.” Some have pointed out it's ironic to advertise here in Utah where more than 90 percent of the population is white.