Consolidating ibm rs6000 servers microsoft outlook stuck on updating inbox

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Consolidating ibm rs6000 servers

Large I/O and storage capabilities, feature expansion slots and built-in SCSI-2 controller.

Can be clustered with up to seven other RS/6000 systems AIX Support 4.1.4 - 5.1 up to 90.9GB of internal, hot-swappable disk storage.

Other features include: Ten I/O expansion slots and a maximum of 22 disks and media bays.

Alsoincorporates the popular and economical PCI, ISA, SCSI-2, and Ultra SCSI technologies that support many widely-used I/O and storage peripherals.This server offers a variety of options to configure a system that corresponds with your business requirements.The 140 supports a Power PC 604e 233MHz microprocessor, upgradeable to 332MHz and 1MB asynchronous Level 2 (L2) cache.Other features include: Memory expansion up to 1 GB, internal disk capacity up to 172.8 GB, 9 x expansion slots, optional hot-swappable disks, optional service processor, internal RAID-5 support and powerful graphics capabilities with 8-bit 2D to 24-bit true-color 2D and integrated tablet port.AIX support 4.1.5 - AIX 5. Model 140 is a flexible entry-level server that allows expansion throughout your business needs.

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AIX Support: 4.1.5 - 5.1 The RS6000 7043 Model 150 offers an entry level workgroup server at an affordable price.

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