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Conor oberst dating history

However satirical they may seem, these are real life 1Malaysia projects, designed solely with the bumiputra's well-being in mind.

1Toilet aspires to abolish the gender binary and separation of female and male toilets, encouraging more people to engage in kinky toilet inter-racial sex and erotic tranny cross-dressing culture.

Those refusing to return to China or India have been reportedly sent to dungeons deep inside Najib's evil lair for torture, brainwashing and sodomy sessions with Anwar.

Shortly after, variations of 1Malaysia were created, ranging from 1Toilet and 1Rempit to 1Armpit and 1Bedroom.

, which is located to the north of their cousins who live on an even smaller pimple of an island called Singapore, Malaysia (also known as Bolehland) is a young nation of diverse cultures and races such as F1 Formula-1 and Nascar.

The timezone of Malaysia is unique because it follows the system of +1/+2 PMT (Predetermined Meeting Time) which is 1 or 2 hours later than PMT.

, aka Abang Jib in Malay or Ah Jib Kor in Chinese, is '1Malaysia', which is actually stolen from One Israel.

Najis defined One Malaysia as in One Malay-sia, or simply, Malaysia with only a homogeneous race of UMNO-loving Malays, which can also be explained elegantly with the slogan "3Races, 2Allah, 1Malaysia", where 3 races fight over the Muslim vs Catholic issue of the name "Allah" in 1Malaysia Land. The first and primary principle of 1Malaysia is, Upholding that principle, a mass deportation of Chinese and Indians back to their home countries is currently in effect.

The first history of Malaysial began when a Palembang prince named Parmesan got involved in a bar fight and insulted the King's Mom.

The king threatened to beat the shit and intestines out of Prince Parma, so he fled with 3 wives, 4 mistresses, 2 lackeys, 80 mothers, 20 fathers, 10 grandfathers, 25 US Marines, 300 slaves, and a partridge in a pear tree to Singapore after visiting his close associate Mr. Anyways, he founded the city state of Celaka which prospered for hundreds and thousands of years, much to the disbelief of Singaporeans, who at that time consisted entirely of higher life forms, and a small minority or animals called the Malays.

Then came the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese, Freedonians, Bordurians, Elves, Trolls, Jins and then British again who took advantage of the Malay's propensity for public holidays and invaded on a non-working Saturday.

The British, like a surging wave of fetid drainwater, carried with them the Chinese (from Chin-ur; we who refuse to wipe our asses) and the Red Indians (from Indi-ur; we who wear 2 liters of perfume) to work the tin mines and rubber plantations.

Most foreigners have difficulty adjusting to this new timezone as they tend to show up 1 or 2 hours earlier than their local counterparts.

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The nation is moving forward with a vision towards becoming a developed nation by some year in the future.

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