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That was because we are in the throngs of what some call 'Flying Ant Day.'A day where ants seem to grow wings, grow bigger and turn up everywhere.However, while most people have grown to accept that there is one day every summer that will see ants inevitably turn up in their thousands and then quickly disappear again, it is one of life’s great mysteries as to what happens, when exactly this happens and why it happens in the first place. 'Flying Ant Day' is the layman’s term for the time in which the queen ants from various ant colonies emerge from their nest to begin their nuptial flight and look for male ants to mate with and begin new colonies.However, it is not just a matter of meet up and get on with it, the spoils only go to the male ant that is game for the chase.When a female finds an ant to mate with, she will try to engage in a bit of kiss chase, by flying away from her suitor.While this may seem like a bit of tomfoolery on the part of the queen, it is an essential part of selective breeding to ensure the female is able to mate with those male ants that are fit enough and fast enough to catch the queen.Mating takes place during flight and males fertilise the sperm stored in the female’s abdomen, which in some cases can be as old as 20 years.

With the male's only purpose being this fertilisation, his genitalia gruesomely explodes in the female and he quickly dies after mating.If you had got home from work to a balmy evening last night, you might have noticed an increase in ant activity in and around the streets where you live.They were everywhere, thousands of ants crawling, climbing and even flying their way across London’s concrete jungle.The queen lands to the ground, finds a colony and then spends a life lying on her side, eating and shooting out ant larvae to populate the new colony. Like humans, there is something about the warm weather that brings out the frisky side in ants.For a 'flying ant day' to occur it needs to be the right weather conditions.

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Warm, with no chance of rain and with as little chance of predation as possible.