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Is it a spectrum, an end point, or an agile process? But who is developing the most agile and best engagement methods and models?”Jeanne Brooks is a nonresidential fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

At The Wall Street Journal, she oversaw coverage of the Great Recession, launched a local news section for New York City and reported on the housing crisis as a senior writer.

How do we take these models and apply them to our own efforts to encourage deeper and more loyal engagement?

We cull together some of the media industry’s thought leaders and influencers in “Dissecting Engagement: What’s working and what’s next?

We look at metrics: Time spent, click through and bounce rates, sharing, push notifications, geo-location tagging, user generated content, and more, all to foster engagement.

How do we optimize engagement in a rapidly shifting media ecosystem?

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Rami Khater is the senior digital producer for The Stream and digital strategy lead for programs at Al Jazeera English.

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