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Help Fight Crime Anonymously CASH REWARDS UP TO ,000*The Chicago Police Department created the TXT2TIP program so that YOU can anonymously and SAFELY help rid your community of crime by sending information to the Chicago Police Department via a text message from your cellular phone.Follow these easy steps to submit a tip via text message: Unsolved Crime Videos Help the Chicago Police Department solve these crimes.After listening to your needs, the CP3 consortium of city agencies developed this portal to centralize how information is gathered and disseminated.Protecting Our Communities Help Fight Crime in Your Neighborhood When the City of Chicago initiated its community policing strategy over fifteen years ago, community policing meant different things to different people across the country.Chicago's Public and Private Partnership (CP3) initiative is a result of the City of Chicago's desire to strengthen its partnership with its private sector.We are sorry, but we are unable to process your request because Java Script have been disabled!You can now assist the Chicago Police by watching videos.

Welcome to the Chicago Police Department's Web site which offers the community a means to share important information, find the latest news, programs and community oriented services that the Department offers.

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Each city began to develop a strategy that met its particular needs and situations.

Online Crime Reporting Chicagoans can now file police reports online.

Citizens can sends tips if they recognize anyone or anything in the video.

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Chicago's Public & Private Partnership Chicago's Public and Private Partnership (CP3) initiative is a result of the City of Chicago's desire to strengthen its partnership with its private sector.

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