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For what it’s worth, Handler is Jewish, as she reminds you many times in “Chelsea Does …

“Political correctness is, like, the handicap of any real conversation and I hate it.” [How ‘politically correct’ went from compliment to insult] The episode begins with this exchange, leading into the opening credits, which feature images of Wonder Bread, crackers, Manischewitz wine, tortillas, Oreos and watermelon being sliced. (The opening sequences for the other episodes are just as heavy-handed.) Handler eventually talks to everyone from her father (“I grew up with a father who was really racist but towards everyone,” she says) to Al Sharpton to former Israeli president Shimon Peres to representatives from organizations such as the NAACP, National Hispanic Media Coalition and the Council of American-Islamic Relations.With Sharpton, Handler dives right in: “I’m a comedian.She tells a therapist that “sometimes I probably joke too much and people are offended,” right after she tells a roundtable of advocacy group representatives that “I make it a rule never to apologize for anything I’ve said publicly.” The willingness to offend everyone has been Handler’s go-to when defending her humor.“I come from the school of making fun of as many people as possible all the time, no political correctness, and I think that’s helpful,” Handler explains over drinks with friends, including fellow comedians Aasif Mandvi and Margaret Cho.“Angelina Jolie just filed adoption papers,” she tweeted after Lupita Nyong’o won the best supporting actress Oscar for “12 Years a Slave.” The criticism isn’t lost on Handler, who addresses it head-on — with mixed results.

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