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Just because a man has the right look, the right job and the right degree, doesn’t automatically indicate that you are getting the best guy.

In the metro area, there are a lot of Clayton’s: Guys that only look like husband material on the surface.

Offering a free trial, oodles of members and some neat features, offers a lot of features to singles wanting a casual relationship or something more adult in nature.

knows for sure, it’s how she feels about her ex boyfriend. “But at the time, I was so in love I couldn’t see straight.” Amy had dated Clayton, a real estate broker in D.

Nothing seemed to steady she and Clayton’s volatile status. I myself have seen too many women duped into thinking a great resume equals a great guy.

Although a few of our suburbs were recently named some of the best places to find rich singles (Arlington weighed in at #2) that does not necessarily guarantee that you as a woman have your pick of the Nation’s litter.

After all, labeling a guy “a player” suggests that no woman is good enough to tie him down. If you are the type to fall fast for a handsome face, your Lose-O-Meter will need to be recalibrated because loser’s these days have had aesthetic upgrades.

“I thought there was something wrong with me,” she tells me one afternoon.

They drop names, as well as car models and measure their worth by their vast collection of passport stamps. Allow me to lift the wool from your eyes and reveal the telltale signs of a loser.Some girls call these men players, or bad boys, or even jerks, but doing so would elevate them to a higher caliber than justified. First off, you have to look past the well-packaged exterior and investigate what is inside.They are the guys that will wine and dine you, but won’t ever commit.They are the ones that will tell you every detail about their life, but fail miserably at asking about yours.C., for nearly five years when she discovered he was cheating on her.

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She took him back for a short period of time only to find out once again that he was cheating.