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Could be in career or other area to overcome obstacles, remain connected to society and survive in a difficult material world against odds and competition.This world you're in presents constant challenges on your way to achievement and fulfillment.Even when it all seems to being going down the tubes, somehow you make it through to rise again, brighter and unchanged by fire, flood or loss.The passage of Mars on Pluto in Capricorn over over the United States Pluto and this week 0° Aquarius has significance for the United States.of course, but how does this affect you personally re home in your life, your job, your kids. It's been so important to succeed in whatever you have been doing.We all try to meet our responsibilities and behave within the limits of law and accepted morality.

The FULL moon in Taurus with Venus in Capricorn will ground you again and youll feel glad you hung on to the rock.

Siblings and neighbors have brought joy and sorrow for sure. An exploration of group associations shows you how strange people can be, bu there is no escape from them.

leading to inconsistent but truthful and profound communication You have got to see this through now and continue to remain connected, hard ats it may be sometimes. YOU definitely want to drop out and vanish but keep your phone on and sstay in touch now of all times.

******************* ******************* JUPITER RISES ABOVE THE SUN AT REGULUS THANK GOD You have options.

The departure from Scorpio requires courage, ingenuity and endurance.

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