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As a tourist, you will have to pay for an appointment (100 tala).2) Another one is situated at Lauofo Meredith Building, mobile: +685 7621327) Substantial work in women’s health, contraception and abortion is also done by The Samoan Family Health Association in Apia. You can make an appointment with her at: Lauofo Meredith Building Matautu, Apia Phone: +685 7621327 Email: [email protected] Breastfeeding Alisa says: It is completely unacceptable to breastfeed in public.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Alisa says: Dr Monalisa Punivalu is an experienced gynecologist- she’s on the U. Breastfeeding is considered a private and intimate matter.Interesting stories about childbearing in Samoa can be found here.Feminine Hygienic Products Alisa says: You can find anything necessary for women’s health in ordinary stores, supermarkets, or pharmacies.However, if you are used to particular brands that are more suitable for your body, it’s better to bring a lot with you.Relations between men and women are patriarchal – women are obedient and honor their men.

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Types of Men Alisa says: The primary role of a Samoan man in a couple is as the leader.