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Their interactions can range from a tired sounding “Hello” during an 8am module to a heartfelt stroke on a horse’s nose during Equine Therapy. However, there is one major piece that identifies the growth of understanding between two friends: Each individual, especially those on the spectrum, process and decode information differently.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of how a message is presented and then received in order for effective communication.

The following quotes all come from current CIP students.

There are so many very bright and inspiring young adults on the spectrum or with a diagnosed learning difference who struggle with social competencies that therefore affect their personal relationships.

Enjoying time with friends and/or intimate partners is an integral part of life and a way for many of us to feel connected to each other.

Identifying, maintaining and learning how to develop close relationships is greatly emphasized during young adulthood where friendships may align or misalign with the changing social environments starting from high school to college and eventually into independent life.

According to Will Meek, writer of the article For example, Sally is a very verbal individual and often raises her voice when excited.Kelly is a soft spoken, nonverbal individual who struggles with loud environments and initiation.Once established they are essential to creating boundaries that uphold individual values, which therefore set the foundation towards stabilizing gained friendships, thus allowing them to flourish.Our students communicate with people every day, verbally and nonverbally.This is a challenging landscape and can be particularly difficult for young adults that have difficulties understanding the always changing social environment.

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