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Besides those plot points, scholars know little else about Buddha’s life.Even more vexingly, it has also been unclear just when any of those few plot points happened.The Maya Devi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has long been venerated as the location of the garden where Maya Devi, wife of King Suddhodana, gave birth to the future Buddha.The tale is recorded in a 249 BC pillar that the Mauryan Emperor Asoka put at the spot, commemorating the sacred birth that happened there and establishing the region as a point of pilgrimage for centuries to come.For years, he wandered the Earth with almost nothing at all.

Archeologists have unearthed a Buddhist shrine in Nepal that puts Buddha’s birth in the sixth-century BC, at least a hundred years earlier than most scholars have in recent years plotted the date.The find, sure to be controversial, is the first material archeological evidence to support assigning Buddha’s life to a particular century.In Buddhist tradition, Buddha was born as Siddhārtha Gautama, an heir to all the mansions, glittering baubles, and regal status of a dynastic Hindu lineage.But, at 29-years-old, the young prince spurned that wealth for a life less insulated from pain, more real.Some scholars have put Buddha’s life within the 3rd century BC, the same century that Emperor Asoka erected the pillar at Buddha’s birthplace and began unrolling the religion across Asia, from modern Afghanistan to Bangladesh.

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Still, that date for Buddha’s birth had not been supported with material archeological evidence, besides the pillar, and some scholars have argued that Buddha was born centuries before the religion began to spread.