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Blackmagicdating com

If you are getting high traffic but low CPC then you won't make good money. Some people saying that CTR is more important than CPC.

In this article I'll be sharing few top best tricks to First I'll answer few common questions then we will move to the few best tips to increase Ad Sense CPC. But according to my view of point you must focus more on CPC to get higher revenue.

If you noticed micro-niche blogs, which have average traffic but their earning is huge, reason is simple their Ad Sense CPC is high that's why they are making huge money from Google Ad Sense.

First of all you must choose the right niche for your blog in order to get high CPC or Cost Per Click.

As CTR is also an important factor in increasing adsense CPC.

So you make sure that your traffic should be seeking what you are advertising.

Google Ad Sense is first priority for bloggers and other website owners who want to earn money by advertising on their website.

So if you are one among these, you must read this article carefully.

If your blog have articles based on high cpc topics then you will be getting It is also best point on which you should focus, if visitors are not properly focused on your niche then they will not click on ads.

Your page should be relevant to a specific keyword.

Thousands of impression on ads wont make you huge money if your Ad Sense CPC is low.

So if your blog have high CPC and good CTR then you will make decent revenue from Ad Sense.

Because Ad Sense CPC is one of the most important factor that helps you to get more revenue from advertisers.

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So to get hard cash from Google Ad Sense you must optimize your Ad Sense CPC.

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