Awkward dating scenarios

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Awkward dating scenarios

For example, I recently went to a group bike ride with all new people I’d never met before, and when we were stopped for rest breaks, there was a man who would talk non-stop over everyone, to the point of asking me questions and then talking over my answer.When someone else tried to strike up a conversation with me, he talked over both their question and my answer.He stood between other people and me with his back to them, no matter how I moved around, and stood way too close (again no matter how much I moved away – he was a spitter too… Despite all this conversational overkill, he was really focused on me – he spent the whole time we weren’t actually riding blocking anyone else from speaking to me, or sometimes he was so loud no one could speak at all.Thankfully when we were riding he liked to go as fast as possible, so I could hang back a bit with various other people.I’ve recently been going to social events where I don’t know anyone (such as Meet Up groups – thankyou for the suggestion BTW – I didn’t know about them until you mentioned them) in order to meet new people and perhaps rebuild some kind of social life, since the one I had kind of disappeared in bits and pieces for all the usual predictable reasons (moved cities, broke up with partner of more than a decade, got busy with work, cut back on a hobby most of my friends were in, never that sociable to begin with etc. Anyway, I seem to have a real problem with meeting and then being cornered by conversation hogs.

I’m trying to meet new people, so I want to escape this type of guy without coming off like a rude bitch to everyone else who might be a potential friend.

Actually I don’t want to be rude or nasty at all, since I’m guessing most of the time these people don’t realise what they’re doing, and are probably overcompensating for shyness.

I used to talk too much myself, lecturing on some weird topic of interest to me oblivious to the interest level of my victims, so I do sympathise.

listen, I’ve tried several times to change the subject or gracefully end this conversation, but I feel like you’re not hearing or understanding me.

I just don’t want to feel like I’m responsible for making their social experience a good one at the expense of my own. And I’m thinking that social settings where people are all trying to make new friends and anyone can attend are going to have more than their fair share of the conversationally clueless.

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Or, perhaps you or your commenters could suggest some things I might be doing wrong that attracts these people and makes me a target for their attentions in the first place? Doubly so because due to my generally more blokey hobbies I’m often one of the only women.

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