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They will be like Salvation Army compared to Chanel.

The prettiest women in the world are Brazilian and NOT Asian.

If white men or any men go to Brazil, they will NEVER look at an Asian chick again.

On that note, it is important to understand the significant rise in the number of Asian girls with white men. They instill in their children a love of education and the drive to pursue a successful professional career.

They place a premium on honesty, faithfulness and integrity.

I'm white and I think it's time I cleared things up for some people. I felt as though simple conversation about scientific or mathematical matters could not occur. And the other luring thing about Asian girls is the exotic style and beauty of them--this word is used often (exotic) to describe them as seen from the views of a white man.

Though this isn't all of it, I feel this plays a significant role in my attraction to Asians. Generally speaking, they have the lovely, delicate features of porcelain dolls. They have beautiful, golden, blemish free skin and soft jet black hair that flows smoothly down over alluring shoulders.

I feel this will not change things for other races: there are plenty of Asian girls to go around and there are plenty of white men to go around. They’re highly intelligent and interesting conversationalists. Their personal values are rooted in countless centuries of tradition wherein family, children, spouse, parents and all relatives are treated with respect and love.

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They are devoted wives and mothers and do everything in their power to support and protect those they love.

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Other than that, I can’t see any reason why a white dude would be attracted to Asian women. I have traveled to 5 Continents and studied abroad in Brazil.