Are robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating yahoo answers

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Are robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating yahoo answers

Here, Us offers a timeline of events that lead to the heartbreak and all that has happened since the scandal. During their outing in Los Angeles, "she leaned against him," says a witness, who adds that the couple's PDA was "cute." July 22, 2012: Stewart and Pattinson attended the 2012 Teen Choice Awards together in Universal City, Calif.PHOTOS: Rob and Kristen's undercover PDA August 2011: Stewart begins filming July 17, 2012: The 22-year-old actress met up with Sanders, 41, for a series of steamy makeout sessions in Los Angeles, which was caught by photographers. The stars walked out on stage holding hands and gave their awards to their fans while thanking them for their years of support.

Now, one year later, both respective couples have ended their relationships. PHOTOS: Kristen cheats on Rob -- all the shocking photos July 19, 2012: Pattinson and Stewart seemed especially cozy during a date at Hotel Cafe.

"People wanted me and Rob to be together so badly that our relationship was made into a product. It's that I don't want to become a part of a story for entertainment value."Stewart understands that as an actress in high-profile films, audiences will be interested in her love life. "I want to be understood and I want to be seen, and I want to do that in the rawest, purest, most naked way I can."It wasn't until recently, in fact, that Stewart confirmed she was dating visual-effects producer Alicia Cargile.

"I would never talk about any of my relationships before, but once I started dating girls it seemed like there was an opportunity to represent something really positive," the Though she didn't hide her affections for Cargile in public, Stewart shied away from discussing their coupling for some time.

July 23, 2012: Rumors began to circulate that Us was preparing to publish an explosive story that Stewart was caught cheating.

but expects readers to believe that uber-private Stewart reveals the details of her menstrual cycle to someone who talks to tabloids? Anyhow, the alleged pal adds that Stewart is under a lot of stress in “trying to win back Rob’s trust” and “do public damage control so her career won’t be wrecked — and all the while trying to deal with this pregnancy secret.” Making everything worse, claims the mag, is that friends have supposedly turned on Stewart since she admitted to cheating, so now she’s “alone and facing single motherhood,” notes another purported insider.

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The made up source goes on to add that although the star allegedly used to complain about the “pressure” Pattinson put on her to get married, “Right now, she’d give anything to carry Rob’s baby…

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