Are chelsea handler and dave salmoni still dating

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But if you’re away from each other and it’s not right, then she’ll start getting off into things while you’re getting into things at the same time. It’s nice to float.”“Rihanna got a thing with her where she can–she leave the guy looking like they was the girls.

After being photographed together Sunday night at Blue Nile Jazz Bar in New Orleans, noted anti-gay tweeter 50 Cent and alleged gay ally Chelsea Handler are “confirmed” (by unidentified sources) to be dating. It was only a year ago Chelsea was saying: “I’m like a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, and that’s exactly why the gays and I get along so well.

We have the same attitude, which is ‘fuck everybody and let’s say exactly what we think.’ I understand somebody who doesn’t exactly fit in, somebody who’s struggled or felt embarrassed, ashamed, or not confident in who they are.

Added Mc Cormack: "And then just when you think you know where you stand, you throw in—I call him Curtis—it's Fiddy."er is referring to 50 Cent, whom the comedian famously dated a few years ago."It's like boyfriend bingo. To which Chelsea replied: "Maybe I'll start dating a bitch."Touché, Chelsea.

He was like a buff Canadian animal trainer.""He threw me around," quipped Chelsea.

Growing up, I got tortured and made fun of, but that makes you a lot stronger.

And now, obviously, I’m very popular.” And now she’s dating a guy that’s helping teach young kids to torture and make fun of others. UPDATE: Handler takes to Twitter to deny a romance; their meeting was just business.

What’s with everybody sharing all their business about past relationships? ”“My son’s moms, she’s developed an extreme sense of entitlement. I don’t know if you agree with that statement, but if not financial, then mental.

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First it was Nick Cannon oversharing about sex with Mariah and the women from his bachelor days, and now, 50 Cent has decided to share his feelings about the women in his past while speaking to the folks at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. No one has been able to do the maintenance required for her to not think about me. But what do you think about what he had to say about his relationships with these women? Listen to the radio interview for yourself below and let us know what you think.