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Adult singles dating quitman georgia

The name Aosta (Latin: Augusta), refers to Emperor Augustus.A long-standing rumor held that the city's name meant "vale of beauty." After the American Civil War, during the Reconstruction era more than 100 freedmen, families of farmers, craftsmen, and laborers, emigrated from Lowndes County to Arithington, Liberia, in 18, looking for a better life.After being bypassed by the railroad and losing the county seat, Troupville was virtually abandoned.It had been named after Governor George Troup, for whom Troup County, Georgia, was also named.Valdosta was named after Troup's plantation, Valdosta (occasionally the Val d'Osta spelling was used for the plantation).

It was once the center of long-staple cotton growing in the United States, a lucrative crop both before and after the Civil War.

The county had a majority-white population well before the war with a substantial black population, as the cotton plantations were dependent on masses of enslaved field laborers.

The sixty miles (97 km) of railway between Valdosta and Waycross were once the longest straight stretch of railroad in the world.

Today highways stretch through the county for miles with hardly a curve, rise, or fall.

Many citizens of Troupville had already relocated to Valdosta when the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad was built four miles (about 6 km) away. 3 pulled the first train into Valdosta on the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad.

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Valdosta is located in the coastal plain of Georgia and has a virtually flat landscape.