Accommodating large people on airline international christian dating

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Accommodating large people on airline

"The agent looked and me and said, 'You're going to have to purchase a second seat,' " Mc Allister recalls. "Not if they force me to buy another seat, not if they make a freak show out of it like they did the other day," he says.

"This is not too much different than the Nazis." The laws seem to be on the airlines' side.

No matter what they pay, those who buy extra seats won't get extra frequent-flier points. With so many citizens shopping for plus sizes, the issue presents a prickly problem for airlines concerned about not provoking a backlash from larger folks.

In the past, gate agents might have let extra-large people slip by. "We're not allowing our customer service agents to turn a blind eye," Turneabe-Connelly says. The government says 61% of Americans weigh too much, and 26% are deemed obese. "The airlines are putting the public in the unfortunate position of being the bad guy," says Barbara Brooks of the Strategy Group, a crisis public relations firm.

By Chris Woodyard and Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY The airline industry is having a problem with wide bodies. As many Americans have grown wider around the middle, they are having an increasingly hard time fitting into economy-class seats. Starting Wednesday, Southwest Airlines will begin enforcing a 22-year-old policy requiring that larger passengers be charged extra if they need two seats. A passenger unable to fit in one seat would pay 0 one-way for a Houston-Dallas ticket bought on the day of travel, instead of the usual fare, says Southwest spokeswoman Christine Turneabe-Connelly.

Passengers who buy any kind of advance-purchase ticket will be charged the same fare for the extra seat.

Those who buy their tickets on the same day of travel will pay a child's fare for more space.Once their travel is completed, if the flight wasn't full, they can request a refund for the second seat.But advocacy groups for large people say these policies discriminate against them."If a person takes up more than one seat, that's not the problem of the person, that's the problem of the seat," says Miriam Berg, president of the Council on Size & Weight Discrimination."But the truth of the matter is, they've squished all of us into miserable little seats." Major airlines such as American and Northwest say they require extra-large passengers to buy an extra seat on full flights.

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And the policies appear to have held up in court challenges.

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